Zumi Rosow & Cole Alexander

The cutest couple ever! Beautiful and talented Zumi, a musician, jewelry designer and actress and Cole of Black Lips, in Croatia.
Zumi & Cole

Black Lips in Croatia, again!

All right all right it has been A WHILE!!! Lots of new pics on the way…best to resume where I left off. So…Black Lips were back to Croatia this summer with their old band mate Jack Hines (also of K-Holes fame), it was great to see them and hang out! Here are pics from backstage at the SuperUho Festival in beautiful Adriatic coastal town Sibenik. Black Lips
This one with Boris of Belgrade trio Repetitor, the headliners of the festival’s first night.

Black Lips with Boris of Belgrade outfit Repetitor

Black Lips with Boris of Belgrade outfit Repetitor



Black Lips in Zagreb Croatia 2007

black lips zg
The boys are back to Croatia on 3 August at Superuho Festival in Sibenik! Partee!

Funtastic Dracula Carnival # IX! – Parteeeeee!

Tickets sold out in 4 hours!!! If you are the lucky ones – we will party together! If not – try your luck on 01 July when unpaid ticket will be on sale. Line up and all info here:

Bone, Paloma & Cecilia Funtastic 2005

Bone, Paloma & Cecilia Funtastic 2005

Exhibition! Wowsville, Berlin 22 May

If in Berlin these days stop by Wowsville Bar (and record store), Ohlauer Straße 33 to check out my photo exhibition. Opens 22 May at 6 pm and will be on for couple of weeks.

WAY TO GO GENIUS – Kick-Ass Punk Rock from L.A.!!

On my recent visit to L.A. I got this killer slab of wax from my friend Eric Big Arm who is the lead singer of the band. Probably the best thing I heard in ages – simple pure good ol’ punk rock the way I like it! Hell Yeah! Grateful that there are still bands around who know how to do it! Both the debut album and this 7″ are self released on Eric’s Big Arm Recordings. Enjoy!



Way To Go Genius - Egg 7"

Blast from the Past! – Poster by Bone

Digging through my files found this cool poster my friend Bone, who is an amazing illustrator and DJ as well as The Anomalys frontman, made for my old photo website Garage Savage and my alter ego at the time, Savage Lady. Good times!
Check out his cool stuff:


Poster by Bone

Munster Raving Loony Party!

Another festival you might be interested if feeling like partying Spanish style (no sleep for three days that is!), on the beach. Munster Raving Loony Party takes place between Barcelona and Tarragona from 01-03 May with 15 bands and 10 DJs!
Expect to hear Garage, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Punk, Surf, Trash Blues, Psych, Big Beat, Las Vegas Grind, Rockabilly, Horror Twist, Pub Rock, Soul screamers Titty Shakers and Mondo Mambo. Go loony!


Jack of Heart!

Piero and the gang (current line up members of Sonic Chicken 4, Crank, The Hands) delivered killer gig earlier this week at the Berlin’s White Trash! Currently on tour, check out the dates via Zuma Bookings. And if in Holland see them tonight at the Kliko Fest in Haarlem!







NYC’s best FREE magazine no. 9 is out! Go bananas and order your copy NOW before it gets snapped up! It’s free just pay the postage! Great articles great illustrations fun fun! Also featuring two of my shots from Funtastic Dracula Carnival last year. Get it!



http://www.chrislopez-illustration.com/Bananas Magazine No. 9
The Troublemakers & Teengenerate @ Funtastic Dracula Carnival VIII


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