Modern Pets – WILD PUNK aus BERLIN!

2013 kicked off as it was ’77 all over again with Modern Pets @ Cortina Bob in Berlin!
The four-piece outfit based in Berlin ripped through a loud n fast set and, in my taste, that was a perfect beginning of the New Year, followed by the killer DJ set of snotty in-yer-face punk tunes by Miss Oihane Follones!
Modern Pets, only few years in existence (formed in 2009), already have several sold out 7” releases, also a first LP release on P.Trash Records/Modern Action Records (2011), toured the Europe three times and the USA West Coast from Seattle to Tijuana Mexico last year. Another US tour follows this year and possibly the South America tour. The second LP, also on P.Trash Records is due this May! So – keep your eyes peeled on this band, buy the records and see them in yer or any other town!! I certainly will!
And happy New Year y’all!

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  1. i liebs

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