The Hussy – In Amsterdam

This psych trash punk duo from Madison, Wisconsin formed in 2008 impressed me already at last year’s Goner Fest playing an afternoon show ( Buccaneer Lounge backyard ) which ended up in a smashed guitar put on fire and complete havoc! (See couple of pics in my Goner Fest 9 post of November 7).
The Hussy is currently on their first Euro tour and I was very excited to see them in Amsterdam couple of days ago – they played on Pete Menchetti’s (Slovenly Recordings) houseboat in front of small crowd of 20 people or so. Their third album Pagan Hiss (just out a week ago on Southpaw Records) is awesome, short songs and good mix of garage punk psych influences. Highly recommended – go and see them, buy the records and hang out with them cos they are fun! I was also very happy to catch up with my friend Satu (of Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! fame -will write about them soon -) who is touring with them, pic below, Satu, Heather & Bobby!
More on the releases and Euro tour dates here: (Bobby’s record label)
Satu of Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! with Heather and Bobby Hussy

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